Harikrishna confirms no connection with Nani !

TDP Rajya Sabha member Nandamuri Hari Krishna had denied that Kodali Nani, party’s MLA who is said to be joining the YSR Congress, was his follower. He told the media that he knew Nani only in the film industry and had no political relations with him.
Despite Hari Krishna’s denial, it is a known fact that Nani was close to both Hari Krishna and Jr. NTR. NTR used to call him ‘anna’ (elder brother).
The followers of Hari Krishna and Jr. NTR in Krishna district are unhappy with the domination of TDP’s Krishna district president Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao. It is because of this discontent that Nani has decided to leave the party and join YSR Congress. It is being said that another dissident leader Vallabhaneni Vamsi also would join the YSR Congress soon.
Krishna and Guntur districts are strong bastions of the TDP. The powerful Kamma community has been backing the TDP ever since N T Rama Rao launched the TDP in eighties. Despite attaining commanding position in all the coastal districts, Jagan’s party is still week in Krishna and Guntur districts. They have been trying to win strong Kamma leaders to their side. It is in this context that the YSRCP has succeeded in wining Nani to their side.
Nuzvid TDP MLA Chinnam Rama Kotaiah has already declared that he would not seek reelection in 2014 on TDP ticket even if it was offered to him. It is learnt that he also has been waiting for a green signal from Jagan to jump into that party. Rama Kotaiah has been keeping every one guessing as he has also met the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy.
The departure of Nani is a step in the direction of weakening the TDP and striking at its Kamma vote bank. If Vamsi also joins the YSRCP, it would be a big loss to the TDP. Both the leaders have a strong cadre base.