Harikrishna’s death: Did numerical number 3 bring tragedy?

Political leaders believing astrological signs and dogmas are not uncommon in our country. In the case of senior TDP leader Nandamuri Harikrishna, it is no exception that he used to make considerate calculations before stepping out of house for any important event or work.

According to his close friends and known relations, Harikrishna is a firm believer of Hindu panchanga. And everytime he steps out of his house, he would ensure that he takes other people along with him totaling four while attending a work or any event. However, he believed that the numerical number of 3 was always a bad omen.

The horrific accident that claimed his life is now raking a debate. Speaking to media persons, his close friend Prakash said that Harikrishna called him and asked him to accompany to a marriage reception in Nellore. However, Prakash did not receive call from Harikrishna on Tuesday. Meanwhile on Wednesday, the actor met with the accident and declared dead in Kamineni hospital at Narketpally in Nalgonda. Prakash said he is still in shock as to how Harikrishna set to travel with total three number of persons in the car.

Arikapudi Sivaji and Venkatrao are the two people who accompanied Harikrishna in the SUV. About 100 kms away from Hyderabad, the car hit the divider on the highway at the speed of 150 kms, at 6 am on Wednesday. Both Sivaji and Venkatrao escaped unhurt while Harikrishna suffered injuries to his head and chest.