Harish Shankar turns crorepathi overnight !

Director Harish Shankar, who has put in lot of hard work to make use of the opportunity given to him by Pawan Kalyan, is reaping the fruits of it. Gabbar Singh is all set to create new history in Telugu cinema and director Harish is getting his due credit for using Power star’s star power in right proportions.
Harish Shankar was an average director after Mirapakaya. With Gabbar Singh he turned a star director overnight. Producers are queuing up for him with unbelievable offers. He is reportedly being offered five crore rupees per film. However, Harish Shankar being an intelligent filmmaker is not in a hurry to make money.
His next film will be with NTR in the lead. He would surely get very good remuneration for that film due to Gabbar Singh’s grand success. Harish Shankar is planning to take up projects of the producers that trusted his talent prior to Gabbar Singh and Mirapakay. Harish is into the league of top directors with Gabbar Singh and if he can repeat the same magic with his next, he will be up right there next to Rajamouli, Puri and Vinayak.