Has the Controversy Stopped ‘Mana Kurralle’ Release?

Films and controversies go hand in hand and there are those times when certain controversies get dominating enough to stop the release of a film. Even big stars like Kamal Haasan had a tough time trying to release ‘Vishwaroopam’ so one can imagine what happens to a film made at a smaller budget. Recently, we told you how the film ‘Mana Kurralle’ was making some buzz due to few controversies in its storyline. 
Now, it looks like they have taken a bigger shape and the result is seen by all. The film was due for release on November 21st and the required declarations were made. However, the latest update is that the film is postponed suddenly and the reasons behind that were not clear. We have done some investigation and it turns out that a few section of people who happened to watch the private screening of the film raised an alarm.
It is heard that the film has few scenes and dialogues taken from real life inspiration which offended few top realtors, IT Honchos and some political leaders. As a result, they have sent a word to the makers about watching the film and then taking a call failing which they would not hesitate to proceed legally to stop the screening of the film. Different speculations are making rounds over ‘Mana Kurralle’ but the closest reliable version states that it is the controversial material in the film which is causing a bit of stoppage to the film’s release. 
Directed and produced by Veera Sanker, the industry talk has come out positively and they feel this is a well knit commercial entertainer which covers different aspects such as romance, action, comedy and few society related issues. On the brighter side, three songs have got good response among the youngsters and masses. 
The presence of big directors like S S Rajamouli, Kodi Ramakrishna acting as themselves in the film has added to the hype. Some of the recent stills and inside reports from industry reveal hero Arvind Krishna’s role as Lachchu is also triggering curiosity among the masses as they are connecting to it. But unless the clouds of controversy are cleared, nothing can be confirmed about the release so let us hope that gets resolved first.