Hat-Trick Flops After Biggest Hit

Everyone appreciated Naga Shaurya for Chalo which was a huge risk as it was his own production and had a debut director.Chalo gave the young actor a fresh lease of life at the ticket window. But, the film industry is a great leveler.

After the biggest hit of his career, Naga Shaurya has tasted three back-to-back flops in the form of Kanam, Ammammagari Illu and Narthanasala which is another home production.In all fairness to the actor, Kanam and Ammammagari Illu were projects he had signed before Chalo.

However, in refusing to do anything to have to do with those films after the success of Chalo, Naga Shaurya also contributed in a way to their dismal performance at the box-office.On the personal side too, he seems to be having a slight disturbance as he has reportedly broken up with Niharika Konidela and also got into a controversy with his statement on Vijay Devarakonda.