Hats off to the yellow media! First Congress, now BJP!

When it comes to ‘Manufacturing Consent’, there is probably no one to beat the Telugu Desam Party and its media.Four years ago, when Andhra Pradesh was divided against the best interests of its people, the Andhras decimated the Congress Party, the chief culprit, at the hustings.Following bifurcation, the people voted for the TDP-BJP combine that promised special status to them. Since then, however, thanks to the game of one upmanship between the TDP and the BJP, the people have once again been taken for a ride.

The TDP cheated the people by not pressing for the Special status and instead welcomed the special package offered theoretically by the Centre.To the people who were protesting against the substitution, Chandrababu Naidu said, “The special package offers far more than special status. Anybody who protests this shall be jailed.”But Chandrababu Naidu was in for a rude shock when he found the special package funds not being released either.

Why is the BJP not helping him and the State? Apparently, the RSS has received reports of corruption on a massive scale in all aspects of the new government, be it the new capital Amaravati, Polavaram, Pattiseema, etc. This has led to the apprehension that any funds given to AP will only be diverted to the coffers of Naidu and his men.And Naidu being caught red-handed in the vote-for-cash scandal has justified their fears. Any credit for giving assistance to AP will be garnered by the TDP.

The BJP has indeed given massive assistance to West Bengal and Bihar despite the Chief Ministers of those states being bitter opponents. Why? Because, both Mamata Banerjee and Nitish Kumar have a clean image, unlike Naidu. Therefore, the BJP has a grudging respect for them. Instead of releasing thousands of crores and getting nothing in return, the BJP has wisely decided it has nothing to lose and everything to gain by being apathetic to the problems of AP.

With increasing pressure by the day in the form of YS Jagan’s ‘padayatra’ and from Pawan Kalyan who has become their bitter critic overnight, the TDP reluctantly broke its alliance with the NDA and is now blaming the BJP for going back on its promise.Worried at the prospect of cases being filed against him and his party men, Naidu has called for an all-out war and his faithful media has responded.

ABN, Eenadu and the other TDP media have undertaken the exercise of brainwashing the people to believe that it is the BJP which is responsible for no assistance being extended to AP and that Chandrababu is the messiah of the people of the State.The BJP, because of this propaganda finds itself in exactly the same situation which the Congress found itself in Andhra after bifurcation.The people of the State have been cheated by the Central governments. There is no disputing this fact. But equally responsible is the TDP.

Immediately after bifurcation was declared, Chandrababu did not ask for a reversal of the decision. Instead, he went into hiding for a couple of days and then came out and asked for Rs 5 lakh crore for a new capital.Now, the people will no longer believe in his crocodile tears or his rants against the BJP. He is just looting the State of its resources .The BJP and Congress are North Indians. But Chandrababu is born in the land of the Andhras and when he himself cheats the Andhras and back stabs them, then that is the unkindest cut of all.