He is ‘Tendulkar for Comedy’


Surely, no star comedian who have had a song on his name ‘brahmi dance’, we are talking about he fun song in the climax of “Power”. Albeit, its just single stanza and ripped from famous Lungi dance number, but still its a nice tribute to ace comedian, who has been entertaining Telugu viewers for the last few decades.

As in the song, he is ‘Tendulkar for comedy’ and very few would disagree with such a big comparison and he himself joining the dance, was even more exciting. Kudos to Ravi Teja, who didn’t mind his colleague, hogging some limelight, and even director Bobby deserves a pat on his back, for conceiving such an idea and executing it well. Hat’s off to Brahmi for his comic-timing, expression and making viewers to forget all their problems once he appears on screen and mesmerizes them with his skills. Good idea indeed.