Hebah Patel Denies Bigg Boss Rumors

Grapevine is abuzz with the rumors that Kumari 21 F fame Hebah Patel is going to enter Bigg Boss house as wildcard.A fake report claiming to be leaked from a Bigg Boss house technician that is making rounds on the internet fueled these rumors as one of the instruction in it reads “Clean the guest room for Hebah madam.”

However, Hebah took to Instagram to put an end to the rumors. She has put a status update to clear the air.“Only in my house not in any other house!! Not a part of any reality shows!!” posted Hebah thus writing off the rumors.

Hebah is eagerly waiting for the release of her upcoming film 24 Kisses starring Arun Adith of Garuda Vega fame as the male lead.