Why Hello teaser removed? – Nag clarifies

The Vikram Kumar-Akhil Akkineni’s ‘Hello’ has been carrying positive buzz, ever since the shooting kicked off early this year. Even the recent teaser that was released on social media has mesmerized the fans of Akkineni but things turned bad when YouTube removed the film’s teaser for few hours.

Going into the news, the producer of the film Nagarjuna Akkineni has offered a clarification on Hello teaser, which was taken off by You Tube for six hours. Speaking at a promotional event of Hello, Nag said that it was not Anup Rubens (film’s music composer) who scored the background music for the teaser.

‘Since he was very busy at the time of teaser release, we had to rely on a Bombay company for BGM and it’s a common thing in industry. But, the Mumbai company later clarified that they have taken this score from a Hong Kong company which had a contract with some Hollywood firm.

So, when You Tube people deleted our teaser, the contract company folks were sleeping and as a result, the mitigation was delayed by six hours,’ briefed Nagarjuna who’s very much confident about the film’s output. Nagarjuna added that he had enforced Anup to score back ground music for the theatrical trailer. But, for cinephiles, that isn’t different from what they experienced in teaser.

Nagarjuna, who also smashed a query on Nandi Awards Controversy, said that ‘Manam is bigger than an Oscar for us.’