Helpless Police need Protection

When people face any problem or threat to their lives or when there is any law and order problems everyone look up to Police force to bring the situation under control and maintain peace in each and every part of the country. However Police force including the top brass in the state of Andhra Pradesh has become so helpless and fearful that they themselves are seeking protection from law breakers.

Fear gripped entire police force with incidents of MLA and Minister Danam Nagender behaving in a high handed manner taking law into his hands and locking popular temple at the heart of Hyderabad. As if this was not enough he even abused SI Ramesh who was just doing his duty. Though complaint has been registered nothing happened in his case. Similar is the case of fire brand MLA of TRS, Harish Rao who hurled foul language on DCP Stephen Ravindra and even kicked constable who fell down while vacating the place filled with mob protesting rise in electricity charges at Vidyut Sowdha.
These incidents are sending shivers down the spines of top police bosses and they quickly organized a meeting seeking immunity against these attacks. Unlike earlier when they used to pass a resolution seeking action against wrong doers, this time they went ahead and warned saying if these law breakers are not reigned in, they will be forced to use force and teach them a lesson.