Hero Becoming Bakra In Foreign Place!

As far as the rumours that round up Film Nagar, few heroines use heroes in a big way, not monetarily, but actually influence them to recommend other projects. But there are those hotties, who literally empty pockets of the fellow who is going mad at them.

This hero hails from an interesting family and he has enough money saved. And for his next film, he picked up a popular heroine who wants to extend her dwindling career. And that heroine is said to be making this guy a ‘bakra’ by using him monetarily during a foreign shoot.

While the hero is just alone at the foreign place, this girl smartly took her father, mother and another relative as well. Going after her with loads of saliva oozing from his mouth, the hero is feeling ecstatic to take her and her family to hotels and shopping. Already lakhs of rupees from his account are sipped away by heroine and co, and more are likely to go.

One wonders what makes the young hero go after that starlet in such a costly way. Well, she knows which switch to be turned on to get work done.