Hero Reveals About Love Affair With Trisha !

Affairs and relationships are a common feature in the film circuit and when top league artists are involved, the sensation is high. Now, one name that has been making rounds in the south circuit is that of Trisha. Apparently, the petite beauty was linked to Daggubati Rana. However, that was quashed in no time.

But now, another name has joined this club. Reports from Chennai gave strong grapevine about Vishal going around with Trisha and now that they are pairing up for the film ‘Samaran’. Recently, Vishal got to spoke about it and he revealed the actual truth about it.

Vishal reportedly clarified that Trisha is a very close friend and added that they share a lot of things. He stated that their comfort levels are high and that has helped them work professionally. While Vishal has made his stand clear, few Chennai Thambis are vouching that there is ‘something something’ happening.