Hero Scared of Manchu Lakshmi’s Feats

Not all heroes are ready to face the challenge from their lead actress and this is proved once again with Lakshmi Manchu. This hot dynamite has now scared a young hero with her ‘tough’ acts. Check out the story!
After losing her hopes with ‘Department’, Manchu Lakshmi has shifted her complete focus to ‘Gundello Godari’. This film’s story revolves around the crash floods that shook konaseema region. Unlike the regular way of filming those under the flood water scene in a swimming pool, Lakshmi opted to create an artificial ‘river’ to film it.
The turbulent currents of these waters made hero Aadi Pinisetty and Lakshmi drown a couple of times bringing the hearts into pockets. With this act, Aadi decided not to take up ‘action’ films anymore. The young hero now wants to do only lover-boy movies without doing experiments with his life. Well, Lakshmi has surely scared him with her realistic adventurous feats, but Aadi should fill up more courage in his heart.