Hero Wants To Settle As Fight-Master?

The moves of this hero are really shocking and exactly opposite to what his father did with Tollywood. Folks this is Manchu Manoj for you!
Mohan Babu’s younger son Manchu Manoj is going guns with Tollywood unlike his brother Manchu Vishnu who is yet to make a mark. Both the brothers are concentrating on stunts from long back and are trying to carve a niche for themselves in fights. In this process, Manoj is ending up choreographing the fight-sequences on his own for his movies, for which latest flick ‘Mr.Nookayya’ is an example. Critics are saying that Manoj should concentrate on his acting stuff and dance moves to stand out as a commercial hero.
The image of ‘Mohan Babu’ peddled them all these days and time has come for them to prove strengths. Continuously directing fights will end him up as a fight master, but not a great actor. Well, there are also people who say, a hero with such bundles of talent is definitely a plus for Telugu industry, but he needs to streamline his thoughts and practices. Only ‘success’ defines the worth of these stunts for Manoj.