Hero worship at New heights !

Film makers do films keeping in view of fans the particular heroes have. Movie analysts and film critics may criticize them for neglecting other sections of movie lovers but however film makers are of the opinion that unless until the aspirations of fans are not addressed to it would be difficult to achieve even breakeven in film making. Sometimes one feel that there is reason and point in their saying as fans are the only one who compete with each other to watch a film on first day first show itself while others take time before making decision to watch the film on theaters. In between they go through various analysis, film reviews before arriving at the final decision.
While this is not the case with fans as they watch the film for their stars without bothering about reviews and other things. Fans hero worship at its height was noticed recenly during Srimannarayana audio success meet where they did not allow the function to go properly till Natasimha Balakrishna addressed them. Similar is the case of ‘Sitamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ which was shooting near Dilsukh Nagar. Numerous fans of Prince Mahesh reached the shooting spot which resulted in traffic jam. Police were forced to request film makers to cancel the shooting. Even ‘Cameraman gaganto Rambabu’ faced the same problem while shooting at Sarathi Studios. Puri Jagannath and Power Star Pawan Kalyan had to face storm of fans tsunami at Sarathi Studios and had to shoot the scenes only during late nights.