Heroes tampering with scripts !

When movie lovers happen to watch telugu films many feel that there is nothing new in the script or story line. A layman can predict what will happen next and just like a saying used to be there about serials, that even after watching it after few days back, one can predict the storyline, similar can be applied to films. None of the film scripts inspire any confidence in movie lovers.. One wonder whether heroes really hear the scripts or blindly sign projects going by the reputation of directors and film makers. Sometime back during Dammu audio release NTR said he rejected 9 scripts before finalizing the tenth one from Boyapati Srinu. But many commented what made him agree to that script too as the story was predictable and has noting innovative in it.
Many feel that heroes don’t watch other heroes films and just ask directors and film makers to ready a script on similar lines of a super hit flick from bollywood, kollywood or hollywood. Sometimes they implore him to prepare script similar to tollywood number one grossers. That was the reason why there won’t be any creativity or inattentiveness in 99% of tollywood films. While many innovative and creative films come from other regions, our movie lovers are left with singing praises of them as they can’t expect anything from them. Standard answers of all those present in the industry is if they think of making a creative or award winning film, viewers will not encourage them. Unless until heroes stop tampering with scripts and encourage novelty just like their counterparts in kollywood or bollywood, monotonous mass masala entertainers are common in tollywood.