Heroine Never Expected A Piglet Co-star

I never expected that I have to act with a piglet, says actor Nabha Natesh of Adhugo. In fact Adhugo is the first film which the Karnataka-based actor has signed but it is Nannu Dochukunduvate which is releasing first.

When asked about how Adhugo will be, Nabha said it is going to be interesting, really. ‘I never thought that I would be sharing screen space with a piglet actually (laughing). But it was a different experience on whole. The plot of the story is more about me and my travel where Bunty, the piglet will play a key role. Thanks to Ravi Babu,’ added Nabha.

Nabha is basically a Kannada heroine and her debut Kannada film is with Shivraj Kumar. She says that it was a cool debut indeed. ‘ The theatre and modelling which I was part of in Bangalore have helped me in becoming a better actor I say. I gave auditions to get into films and that’s how my Kannada debut has happened,’ said the actor who plays Siri in Nannu Dochukunduvate.

In Nannu Dochukunduvate, which is directed by RS Naidu, a debutant, Nabha will be playing a naughty girl and in fact, she has more number of dialogues than Sudheer Babu.

She also mentioned that the makers chose her as heroine only because of her energy levels which would match to the role.