Heroine Taking Drugs To Satisfy Jr NTR

Taking drugs to control their glamor and stamina is a common thing for our stars. But, most of them never reveal the real-secret to anyone and here is one such tidbit for you folks.
Currently, the shooting of mass-songs for Jr.NTR-Trisha starrer ‘Dammu’ is going on at a city’s studio. Amazed with the speed and swift dances of Jr.NTR, sweltering hot beauty Trisha is said to have ordered for some injections that give 100% stamina. Like energizing drinks, these injections will oxidize the calories giving more strength to do physical activity. Others say she has taken some medication to look very soft and tender besides this mass-action hero.
For now, Trisha’s aides have dismissed all this stuff as rumors. ‘There is no need for her to do all this. Trisha is very talented dancer and maintains perfect fruit diet apart from her regular power-yoga that gives the invincible energy’, the source added. Anyways, Trisha’s glamor quotient has not decreased despite her growing age and a full stop will be kept to these gossips once ‘Dammu’ releases.