Heroine On Vijay’s Filmfare: They Should Have Given It To Tarak Or Prabhas

Taking a cue from Vijay Devarakonda’s comment, “Best actor anta.. Filmfare anta.. it feels so surreal”, heroine Rashmika Mandanna of “Chalo” fame has posted something on Twitter, which led to a funny banter between the two. And then, there is a reason for this flirting.

Firstly Rashmika tweeted, “Filmfare Best Actor anta kada – Congratulations Govind”. Anyway, here came a flirtatious reply from the hero.

“Madammm, Geetha madam, meetho time gadpadam Naku nijamaina award madam. Ivvi osthuntayi pothuntayi” (sic), tweeted Vijay.

By now it has come clear that both are addressing each other with new names, Geetha and Govindam.

Coming to their tweets, Rashmika replied, “Igo Govindam, ee overaction ey thaginchukomannadi. Asalu Neeku Kadu… Prabhas Ko Tarak Ko isthe maku ee godava poyedi”.

For which Vijay responded saying “Award lo em Undi madam, me lanti vallu nannu preminchatam chaalu.. Geetha madam”.

Adding more salt to this, Rashmika asked why he’s using plural when talking about her: “Na lanti valla? Vallu enti? Aa plural enti? Telusu le ne gurinchi, okkaru sariporu, evarini odlavu ga.” she tweeted.

Vijay concluded adding: “Madammm, naa uddesham adi kaadu madam. Okka sari nannu 23rd kalavandi madam. Anni explain chesta”

It has now become clear, they are inviting everyone for the first look release of “Geetha Govindam” day after tomorrow, which is being directed by Parasuram and featuring Vijay-Rashmika in the leads. Produced by Geetha Arts, the film has Gopi Sunder scoring the music.

That’s the story behind this cute flirting folks.