Heroines daring act with Senior Heroes !

Veteran superstars have been working with certain set of heroines that doesn’t look odd opposite them. Even young lot of heroines has decided that they shouldn’t act opposite aged heroes as it will not do any good for their careers. So most of the senior actors are only getting 30+ actresses to romance.
But this is not the same case for all the ladies who are in mid twenties. There are a few that are ready to pair up with heroes that are exactly double their age. The veterans are happy that at least few fresh faces are open to sign up with them. Nayanthara, Richa Gangopadhyay and Taapsee are the heroines in this list.
These three have been doing a perfect balancing act by doing films with youngsters as well as the super seniors. Despite being aware of the fact that they would be labeled as aunties if they act opposite seniors, they are daring enough to take up the challenge. And guess what they have been successful and proving a fact that general public doesn’t care about whom they act with. At the end of the day only content matters.