Heroine’s Fat-Body Tempts Distributors

The stills from her movie have created a sensation with the youth and distributors are trying to cash on the craze. This is Hansika again and here is a talk about her ‘ultra fat’ body.
Hansika Motwani, the saucy siren has grown out of proportion these days in terms of her body fat leaving her Telugu fans dejected. But the same ‘fat’ had wooed Tamil thambis madly and the siren got two more films in her kitty. Prabudeva directed ‘Engeyum Kadhal’ failed to click commercially but Hansika’s fat-body tempted youth. Passion in her eyes supported by cute expressions made this hot-fat-beauty popular there.
Good news is that the film is now going to be dubbed in Telugu as ‘Ninnu Choostey Luvvostondi’. Despite that ‘fat’ fact, Hansika’s voluptuous glamour show is tempting distributors to buy this flick for a hefty price. With no other straight films in market, the buyers are relying on this love-oriented film to make few bucks.