Heroine’s Father Now Tortures Her Sister!

Plump hot-beauty Arthi Agarwal is on the verge of extinction when it comes to her career in Tollywood. More than her movies, her stints with her very own father are always a news-item. Here comes another one!
Reportedly, many people stated earlier that Arthi Agarwal’s father Sashank Agarwal tortures her lot to sign movies. He is the manager of this once celebrated heroine and looks after everything from dates to costumes and even collects commission if someone ‘books’ her. Off late, Arthi’s graph went from normal to adverse, as she is not even getting B-grade movies with C-grade exposing at least.
Now, the focus of Sashank Agarwal has shifted to Adithi Agarwal, the ravishing sister of Arthi. Fate is that even Adithi is not so successful in her Tollywood career and this is giving shocks to their father. A father torturing his daughters to get more money by signing cheap movies is no less than a ‘flesh trade’, a top director who don’t want to give chances to any of these beauties stated. This is a real pity!