Heroine’s Green Signal For Husband’s Girls

It is common for wives to take the control, especially in Film Industry, with the fear of husband going overboard due to the on-screen chemistry with hot girls.Even after becoming a superstar hero, our hero nods to the signals from his wife, who happens to be another heroine.
Folks, Namratha Shirodhkar is one such girl who is making her presence strongly felt in Superstar Mahesh’s life. Sources say that Namratha is the key decision maker in terms of selecting heroines for her hubby. Seductress Kajal’s selection for upcoming Sukumar’s movie happened only after this star-wife gave her consent, say sources. While many options like Bollywood girls and Bangalore babes are considered for this hot-role, Namratha showed her inclination towards Kajal only.
They say that she liked the chemistry between Superstar and big-eyed beauty in ‘Businessman’ to the max. Well , if any director wants a lip-kiss from Superstar then do they need to take approval from our Namratha madam? Looks like sizzling starlets need to lure this hot-aunty cum star-wife to get a chance beside her husband.