Heroine’s Thighs shaking Tollywood biggies !

Sexy sensations never take long time to get recognized in this colourful industry dominated by lust. One such starlet is now sending shivers in Film Nagar with her temptingly solid thighs.
She is hot beauty Monal Gajjar who started shedding clothes with Allari Naresh’s latest movie ‘Sudigadu’. Thunder thighs and slightly fatted waist of this super sexy beauty became an instant heat raiser to tease Tollywood people. Her previous unreleased movies like ‘Vennela 1.5’ and ‘Dracula 3D’ haven’t showed any erogenous side of her. Though glimpses of her raw sex appeal are driving men crazy, her thunder thighs are getting huge attention for their size and shape.
Buzz is that many big-wigs of Telugu industry have started enquiring about this hot lady. If all goes well, she might get booked in few happening movies for some meaty roles after the release of ‘Sudigadu’. Looks like Monal has switched on the perfect ‘subject’ to take Tollywood by a storm.