Hero’s Daughter leaves Maniratnam in shock

Renowned filmmaker Maniratnam got the shock of his life. After achieving so much in Film Industry, he might not have dreamt in his wildest dreams anything like that happening to him.
A 21-year-old girl said no to Maniratnam, when he offered a film in the lead role. And the girl happens to be none other than Akshara, the younger daughter of legendary Kamal Hassan and Sarika.
Confirming the reports, Kamal said,”I have no idea why Akshara turned down Maniratnam’s offer. I have never imposed any restictions and my daughter are always free to do whatever they want. It’s up to her to decide her future. I guess, Akshara might follow me – starting from behind the camera and then facing the camera later on”.
Akshara is content behind the camera and is currently learning filmmaking, unlike her sister Shruti who is facing the camera. Sources say, Maniratnam who is known for his uncompromising nature is determined to rope in Akshara for his project. Tough times ahead for this maverick director, who is now on a mission to convince the ‘arrogant’ beauty. Hope Mani succeeds!