Hero’s Torture: Heroine Ends Up As Receptionist

Few acts of some hot-headed celebrities change the lives of someone out there forever. A heroine who has attracted everyone with her gorgeous looks and stunning physique is an example of how things impact lives here in the film industry.

Apparently, this hot lady tried her luck at modelling and then became a heroine. Her debut film was in Bollywood and she has shot to terrific fame. Later she came to Tollywood for a small budget movie that did quite well at box office. The movie’s hero was said to have shown stars to her during the filming time.

“He used to harass her on a daily basis to share the bed with him and when she refused, he started showing stars. When he insisted to become a witness of a bathtub shot being shot on her, she slapped him. That led to further harassment. He used to intentionally scold her and do hungama in her hotel room late in the nights. Finally, she gave in to his demands” a source from the unit added.

Though the film became hit, the heroine lost interest in movies due to such acts of the hero and decided to marry her college friend. Currently, she’s settled in Singapore and working as a Hotel receptionist there. And our hero is busy giving some preaching on politics here in India.