Hero’s Wife Pushed Tara Into Prostitution?

Tara Chowdary is the only person who can boost TRP rates double for our TV channels at the moment. The small time actress caught in sex-racket case has revealed interesting things in police custody.

Tara revealed to cops about her entry into prostitution, which happened after a bitter experience but not by choice. A noted Tollywood hero used to beat his wife violently to procure Tara for him. His wife is also an actress and finally hired Tara to satisfy her husband who beats her black and blue when drunk. Tara told that the ageing hero exploited her for a long time by promising a heroine role in one of his movies. ‘I’ve decided to get into full time prostitution after that bitter experience’, said Tara in her confession statement. It is also heard that two brothers of a top hero who are caught in drugs scandal are elite clients of this brothel runner.

With Tollywood’s name emerging once again in a sex racket, industry big-wigs are shocked to know that their business is not as holy as what they say.