‘He’s My Brother, I’m Not Dating Him’

There is no scope for leaving anything as is, in this world of web and quick reactions. A small action might lead to big destruction and that’s what happened other day with producer-director Karan Johar, who is well known to Telugu audiences after he distributed Baahubali and impressed with his speech at the pre-release event.

Other day India’s ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra posted a picture where he posed with Karan Johar and wished him on his birthday. He stated that theirs is 25 years of friendship and wish that it will continue for twenty-five more. And when a netizen commented that these two are ‘cute couple’, Manish liked that comment. There started the rumours.

In no time, it broke out that Manish Malhotra and Karan Johar are dating each other. Though they haven’t officially confirmed any time about their sexual orientation, owing to ban on them in India, the two many times clarified that they are happy with men. And now, that’s the reason people think that they are a couple.

Manish, however, clarified that these rumours of dating are actually hurting and Karan Johar is just a brother to him. “He’s like my brother. We are good friends. There is no such thing called dating. I’m really hurt by such rumours” he said, in a statement to a leading media house. That puts everything at rest.