Hi-tech Sex Racket Busted in Jubilee Hills

Hi-tech sex racket has been busted in Prasashan Nagar of Jubilee Hills. Shaik Fayeed, belonging to Nellore, is allegedly the principal of the high-profile sex racket. Acting on a tip off, Jubilee Hills police has arrested him and rescued 2 women from Kolkatta and one woman from Mahabubnagar from him.

According to police, Fayeed had been doing flesh trade for the past ten years and he was doing it in Hyderabad for the last two years. He had hired a duplex house in Prasashan Nagar and bring women from Kolkata, Mumbai and other cities, towns for a week or 10 days.

He allegedly have 6 agents under him through whom he would get in touch with high-profile clients. Cops have recovered some cash and 3 mobile phones from Fayeed. Jubilee Hills ACP Srinivasa Rao said that a detailed probe has been ordered.

Meanwhile, cops learnt that the owner of the Jubilee Hills house is residing in Mumbai. More details are yet to be furnished.