High profile lobby to get Censor officer transferred

For folks who are new, Dhanalaxmi is the regional Censor Officer who is showing stars to our producers and directors by not allowing cleavage and navel shows of heroines. Now, one of our top producers has become villain for this tough woman.
Right from ‘Businessman’ to the recent ‘Adhinayakudu’, heroines’ excessive cleavage and navel shows are limited to just trailers, but not on silver screen. Despite huge requests, Dhanalaxmi has been giving ‘A’ certificates to movies, stressing dignity of woman is her top priority. But this is affecting the collections of movies as mass are not happy with the blurred show of hotties. Other than ‘Racha’, no movie is allowed to showcase the best hot shots. To stop this iron-handing, top producers are said to be lobbying in Delhi to oust Dhanalaxmi from post.
One producer, for whom she refused to give Censor Certificate for a long time as he has not cut some sleazy scenes as ordered, is the main background behind this. It will be a big festival for our top makers who shed crores to make sexy-starlets don skimpy clothes, if this lady Censor Officer walks out.