Hilarious heroes becoming extinct

Hilarious heroes who once used to compete with main stream heroes are becoming extinct in Tollywood thanks to the movie lovers, film makers and story writers who are watching and churning out more and more mass masala entertainers neglecting other subjects. In the olden days comedians like Chandra Mohan, Rajendra Prasad and Naresh used to come up with many healthy entertainers which used to have neat comedy tracks. The entire film used to be hilarious with no serious stunts. Rajendra Prasad achieved the sole distinction of even receiving lavish praises from the then PM PV.Narasimha Rao that his films will be an excellent stress relievers. How ever with the passage of time and the changing tastes of genex movie lovers who are more interested in action packed entertainers in the lines of hollywood, hilarious heroes lost out in the race and many of them are not getting any offers forcing them to look for comedian roles.
Currently except for ‘Allari’ Naresh and to some extent Sunil no other heroes are starring in comedy crapers. Sunil became a star with ‘Maryadaramana’ and then ‘Poolarangadu’ though his progress has been stalled sometime back by ‘KSD Appalaraju’ and ‘Dongala Mutha’.Currently he is sharing the screen presence with Naga Chaitanya while doing another bollywood remake film. Naresh is continuing with comedy attacks in his own style and is turning ‘Sudigadu’ this month. It has to be seen for how long they will be the flag bearers for hilarious films and whether any new comers come and carry the flag.