A Historic Opportunity Goes A Begging

It was the first no-confidence motion against a Central government in 15 years and the objective was to lay bare, the injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh both in the form of bifurcation and post-bifurcation.TDP was extremely hopeful of appealing to the conscience of the nation and the BJP via the medium of the no-confidence motion and was expectant that Andhra Pradesh would become the focal point of the nation’s discussion. But it was not to be!

The national media completely focused on the dual between Rahul Gandhi and Modi, the hug between them and the barbs they traded.One really can’t blame the national media either because Rahul Gandhi and Modi have been bitter critics of each other belonging to two parties that are poles apart in their ideology.

Therefore, a moment of affection between them even in jest would naturally make headlines. Unfortunately, it has come at the expense o Andhra Pradesh.It is now clear that both the Congress and BJP had utilized the occasion to sound the bugle for the 2019 polls. They just used TDP to give it a platform and ired their guns at each other over TDP’s shoulders.