HM Sabita siding with criminals?

It seems Center and Andhra Pradesh ruled by Congress will not sleep peacefully without facing one scam or another or one allegation or other. Even on Sunday when state Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy was touring East Godavari District, war of words flared up between IPS officers. The govt already had its hands full with High Court setting asides its orders recruiting top police official. The entire episode of these allegations unveils the mask of heroin mafia.
Rampachodavaram ASP Dr. Naveen Kumar recenly alleged that District SP Trivikram Varma recieved Rs 1.5 lakhs per load of heroin and even tried eliminating him. He went ahead and once again addressed media when HM Sabita was touring the district and said he even recorded all video evidence against the top bosses. He made startling revelation that even an IG was involved in the whole matter.
However HM Sabitha instead of acting on his complaint, threatened action against ASP for superseding his bosses. She cooly washed off her hands saying once she gets reports from DIG on SP and ASP allegations she will take action. The entire episode started with police seizing lorries loaded with heroin and on inquiry found that they were from Rampachodavaram, East Godavari. Warangal SP, inqired his wife Neetu Prasad who happen to be Collector of East Godavari on the whole issue and request to find out the truth in the matter with Rampachodavaram ASP Naveen Kumar.He took it as prestige issue as it reached Warangal SP and found out startling facts from smugglers who revealed with whom they have contacts and the top officials they bribed. All the proceedings involving top police officils were recorded.
However SP Trivkram pressurised ASP not to make all these names public but ASP never heeded. In the mean time on Aug 30th Jeep carrying ASP suffered major accident with nuts of the Jeep coming out. This can not be dismissed as accident as the nuts and bolts of Jeep require an expert to loosen so that they will come out while travelling. This prompted ASP to hold press conference on the same day and alleged murder attempt on him. Eulru Range DIG also tried to patch up between SP and ASP in vain. Many eyebrows are raised as to why ASP who is sincerely unmasking the truth is targetted by Top police cops and Home Minister Sabitha.