Homely heroine’s love story taking happy ending

Love stories often end on a happy note in reel life but it is not so in real life. There are many love stories that don’t really emerge successful and it takes lot of efforts to make them successful. Right now, it appears that one heroine’s love story is heading towards a happy ending.
We are talking about the homely beauty Sneha and her affair. Well, the pretty lady got engaged to Kollywood star Prasanna few months back and many were wondering when the marriage will take place. Apparently, sources from Chennai reveal that Prasanna’s parents who are quite conservative were dead against this alliance for various reasons.
However, the latest update is that the wedding date has been fixed and it is happening on May11th. For now, it is not sure if a compromise has been reached but Kollywood cine folks reveal that the parents have finally agreed to the marriage. If that is so, then it is indeed a happy ending to this love story and advance congratulations to Sneha and Prasanna.