Hot actress desperately looking for Her Partner !

One thing that all the actresses in cine circuit should get used to is linkups and gossips. And if they happen to be in the top league, the linkups would be more. This is something the petite beauty Trisha knows very well. So far, she has been linked to all possible eligible bachelors in the tinsel town.

Lately, Trisha was attached to the towering hunk Daggubati Rana from Hyderabad and the muscular stud Vishal from Chennai. As usual, she has quashed this as baseless rumour. However, here is the interesting part. It is heard that Trisha is considering marriage very seriously around this year.

But it seems that she is unable to find the right kind of man, her type of man. The pretty starlet reportedly mentioned that she is yet to meet the Mr.Perfect of her life. While she is enjoying her ‘single’ status, it is heard that Trisha’s mom Uma Krishnan has already started hunting for a groom.