Hot Babe’s shocking revelation about marriage

Life is not just about career and success, it is also about getting married and experiencing the other emotions of relationships. However, there are times when few people tend to be an exception. Anyways, the focus now is on the sizzling beauty Shriya and recently she came up with few shocking revelations.
It is heard that Shriya was sharing her thoughts regarding marriage to her friends in Mumbai. The hot starlet reportedly mentioned that she is not going to get married. Apparently, the pretty lady doesn’t seem to believe in the concept of long lasting love and for her, any relationship is short term.
While some say Shriya is showing a lot of spiritual inclination owing to her power yoga and meditation, others say this is one of the most bizarre statement she can come up with. However, all of Shriya’s admirers are jumping in joy as they are saved from heartbreaks. Only time will tell whether Shriya will remain like she wished.