Hot hero expresses desire for Ileana

She is called the sexy hip beauty and though she hails from Goa, she has become the ruling queen of hearts in Tollywood. She is none other than Ileana and right now it appears that Ileana is silently climbing her way in Bollywood. The reason we say this is after hearing this interesting bit from Mumbai.
It is heard that the vegetarian hunk Shahid Kapoor has been appealed by the glamour of Ileana and has expressed a desire to pair with her in his new movie. This happens to be the remake of the Tamil movie ‘Vettai’. Buzz is that the makers have already informed Ileana and are waiting for her to return from Bangkok to have further discussions.
Already, Ileana is almost ready with her debut movie in Bollywood titled as ‘Barfee’ wherein she is pairing up with young hunk Ranbir Kapoor. And if the second biggie also gets confirmed then the hardcore fans of Ileana in Andhra Pradesh may better get prepared to not see her on Telugu screens for a while.