Hot Heroine Denies 1 Crore Rumors

From a couple of days, remunerations of our top stars have become the topic of industry. All this started when Priyanka Chopra’s people raked the issue of her ransom, which they say is more than Mega Powerstar’s.
Bollywood sources have already confirmed that RamCharan is getting paid 12 crores for ‘Zanjeer’ and Priyanka will be packing 5.5 crores only. Coming to the point, it is widely believed that south sirens Anushka, Nayantara, Ileana and Kajal have joined one crore club long back. But, Sexy Anushka has denied that she is demanding a crore. A close source to Anushka says that Tamil industry never pays remunerations as much as they are paid in Telugu circuit. ‘Right now, she is accepting Tamil offers at a cost below that what all you expect’, the source adds.
Reports indicate that Tollywood is the only place after Bollywood among Indian film circuits to pay such whopping sums as remuneration. A heroine who demands more than 80 lakhs here is getting paid only 35 lakhs in Kannada circuit and 20-30 lakhs in Malayalam. Unlike Bollywood, our heroes and heroines never revealed the true figure they demand!