Hot Lady Journalist Joins Pawan


Like an MS Narayana, who used to play drunkard roles always, like a Surekha Vani, the elder sister-in-law, like latest comedian Tagubothu Ramesh, again the drunkard, we have an actress coming up who is becoming popular on the film circuits for her ‘journalist’ roles. She has now started her work in Pawan Kalyan’s much awaited ‘Gopala Gopala’ the other day.

Hyderabadi actress Madhu Shalini, after her tryst with heroine roles has finally ended up doing side-characters too. While she is known for her hot looks and glamorous outings in many films, success hasn’t patted her on the shoulder. She tested her luck in Bollywood through RGV’s Department, with her teasing appearances, but that too failed big time. Finally Madhu is picking character roles, bit ones and meaningful ones.

Surprisingly her role in RGV’s Anukshanam is a TV journo, and she will be repeating similar one in Pawan-Venky’s Gopala Gopala too. Already she has started shooting for Gopala Gopal but she may not get chance to share screen space with Pawan, as per the script. Anyway, is she not the hot-journalist at the moment or not?