Hot Tamannah practical outlook on Heroines !

It is often considered that the heroines are there for filling the glamour quotient and provide visual delight to the audience. However, times are changing and the presence and character of leading ladies has been on the rise. But here is one girl who has given a very practical outlook of a heroine’s position.
She is none other than the milky white beauty Tamannah. Recently she was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly mentioned that for the success of any film, the first place is given to the hero and the second place is given to the villain. Tammu added that it is only the third place that goes to the heroine.
She maintained that it is very rare that heroines get due weightage as the heroes. However, the pretty starlet maintained that she cannot get into women-centric roles as they are very challenging and tough to pull off at the box office. Currently, Tamannah is busy with ‘Rebel’ and ‘Cameraman Ganga Toh Rambabu’.