How Good Balayya Is…

Balayya Babu may have been part of numerous controversies related to slapping people in public, smoking at public events, comments against women etc. but almost all the people who had some sort of direct association with him, sing praises of his humane nature, kindness and down to earth character. Noted anchor Udaya Bhanu says that Balayya is like God for her.

It is known that that Udaya Bhanu is hosting a dance-based TV show, “Neethone Dance’. In the recently aired episode, she got very emotional, and had tears in her eyes while talking about the kindness of Balayya. Narrating the incident that made her come to know about the actor’s true character, Udaya Bhanu said,

“After having faced several problems in my life, I finally found happiness in the form of my twin babies. I wanted to celebrate their first birthday in the presence of my family members, who are none but industry people. When I called, several people bluntly ignored my calls. I messaged Balayya sir saying that it was the most important day in my life, and that I would be very happy if he could attend the event.

Soon after receiving my message, he called me, inquired about the time of the event, and he attended it. Actually, he had a meeting in Ananthapur the very next day, and he would have to do night journey from Hyderabad to Ananthapur if he attended the birthday celebration of my daughters. He still kept his promise made to me. He didn’t just give a blink-and-miss appearance but he spent nearly 45 minutes at my house, and happily obliged for photographs.

When he was walking into the event on that day, I saw a God walking into my house. I can never forget what he has done for me. He is the most genuine and sweet person one can find in the industry.”