Hrithik roshan fires on Bollywood

Hrithik Roshan is been a headline of Bollywood news recently for his divorce issue with his wife and this did not go well with Hrithik life as Bollywood insiders too started blaming him the only reason for his divorce issue. Hrithik roshan kept his silence until his movie Krrish 3 release and announced their divorce news to media.

But Krrish 3 has not gained a good success as expected and Hrithik understands its Bollywood insiders who are running the show behind the screen. Hrithik roshan in his recent interview blames Bollywood for all rumors and loss of films. He also adds saying that Krrish 3 bad talk was started from insiders of Bollywood. No media knew about our divorce issue and they started questioning me before announcing my divorce issue.
How can someone leak such of my personal issues to media without my notice says Hrithik. There are many odd times for every star and his film industry should stand support to him rather than pointing at him says Hrithik in interview.