Huge Expectations on Rachcha Audio!

The clock is ticking for the most talked about movie ‘Rachcha’ to hit the screens. Before that, the audio release function has become an important topic among many. The audio release is scheduled to be held on March 11thand the venue is the People’s Plaza in Hyderabad.

Sources say many are eagerly waiting for the audio release as one of the songs ‘Vana Vana Velluvaye…’ is raising the curiosity. Many are just waiting to see how the remix is. This happens to be the chart buster song of Chiranjeevi and it was a rain song which set the screens on fire few years back.

The remix will have Charan enjoying the wet beauty of Tamannah. This would also be a litmus test for music maker Mani Sharma as he has not been able to deliver in the recent past. Inside talk is that the tunes have come out well and the remix song is going to be a highlight in the album.