Hyderabad Horror Stories

Last few years has seen Brand Hyderabad take a beating and there are many reasons for that. One is the policies followed by the Govt which are prompting MNCs scout for other locations. Govt announcing weekly power holidays for companies did no good. earlier the ongoing telangana movement had severe negative effect on corporates who had been looking for Hyderabad as investment venue. Million march and the developments associated with it along with attacks on corporates dampened the spirits of companies. Now recent developments in the state capital are making every one wonder what’s happening to the representatives of the State capital.
Sometime back internationally acclaimed writer Taslima Nasreen was attacked in the heart of the city by MLAs and MPs of a political party. Later some MLAs attacked doctors in Govt hospitals and later the representatives showed their power even on Revenue and Muncipal officials. All this is developing fear in the hearts of citizens and people living in hyderabad. As if this was not enough Minister Danam Nagender showed his power and his locking of ISKON funded Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple in the city sent shivers in the spines of even devotees. Many started questioning when representatives of the City and State are acting in such high handed manner, what is the Govt and law enforcing authorities are doing. Some numerologists say that troubles began when leaders changed the name of ‘Hyderabad’ to ‘Greater Hyderabad’ and if ‘Hyderabad’ is retained then it will regain its reputation once again.