I may not be suitable for Politics – Nag

This is revealed by none other than the star-hero at an event here today. Akkineni Nagarjuna has given indications that he will strike the chord sooner if he feels he is fit for politics.

From a long time, it is believed that Nagarjuna will enter the politics at some point of time. Today, the senior hero revealed that he has an interest in politics but don’t know if he fits the bill. ‘Still I have to take decision to enter politics or not, though the current state politics are interesting me a lot. Let me first decide whether i’m suitable to them or not’, an excited Nagarjuna stated.

His closeness with the late CM YSR and his son Jagan may catapult him into YSR Congress party very soon, is the opinion of observers. On the other hand, Nag quoted that he is doing Saibaba flick for the sake of his fans. So, if fans pressurize him a bit, then they can see their favorite star in white khaddar very soon!