Ice Cream 2 Is Not Behind Comments on T-God

Ram Gopal Varma is renowned for making controversial statements prior to his film release and this time just couple of days before his film Ice Cream 2 release he created controversy by differentiating Lord Balaji at Tirumala and Lord Narasimhaswamy at Yadagirigutta and questioned why Telangana people pray Balaji when they have Narasimhaswamy. 
When asked why he is creating controversy to generate interest on his film Ice Cream 2, he said he is not doing so but it is media and people who are misinterpreting. He said the moment he gets any thoughts, he tweets irrespective of his film release or not. he pointed out that even when he made some comments on Lord Ganesh or on Power Star Pawan Kalyan he said there were no films releasing. 
He said it is wrong on people to think that if he creates controversy on some issue people will see his films. He said only if content and story is good,people will watch and otherwise they will not. On Tirumala and Yadagirigutta he said he still donot believe in gods but got a doubt so just put a question. If anyone can clarify his doubt they can do rather than target him. 
When asked why he is praising KCR, he said he is a big fan of him and he is the most beautiful than legendary NTR and he would vote for KCR above Tamanna and Ileana. He said he was happy when KCR announced that he would develop Yadagirigutta as Vatican and though he is a non believer, he likes yadagirigutta as he visited the place manytimes during his childhood on excursion.