Ice Cream 2 Movie Review – 1.5/5

Movie:Ice Cream 2 
Cast: Naveena, JD Chakravarthy, Nandu and others 
Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma 
Produced by: T. Rama Satyanarayana 
Banner: Bhimavaram Talkies 
Music by: Sri Ram 
Release Date: 2014-11-22 
Ram Gopal Varma’s Ice Cream has been shredded into pieces by the critics. However RGV claimed that film as a hit as it was made with zero budget. His latest offering is a sequel to Ice Cream and this happens to be the first ever film from the New Telugu Film Industry that was founded by RGV. 
Story : 
Baby (Naveena) and her friends go to an abandoned factory to shoot a short film. They come to know that something is wrong with that place immediately after they enter the compound of that factory. One after the other among them goes missing and the friends have to unfold the mystery. Are they safe or is there any danger round the corner? 
Naveena’s oomph factor played a big role in grabbing the attention. She did sizzle in the title song and never shied away from flaunting her assets in front of the camera. Nandu is lively and Siddhu is competent. JD Chakravarthy played a weird yet important character in the film. His performance in the final scene is good. Dhanraj is fine as the timid guy. Jeeva goes overboard. 
On the Technical Front: 
RGV used the flow cam and flow sound technology in this film too. Camera work is good up to some extent. It helped in building the tension. Music is loud. Sound design could have been better. They chose a good location to shoot the film. Ram Gopal Varma has once again made a film without any script. Lack of proper script is evident in many scenes. He has surely lost his sheen that there is hardly a scene where we can see the mark of the legendary director. 
Ice Cream 2 has no script at all. Looks like RGV has shot the film with a vague idea in his mind. First half of the film lacks substance and irks you with lack of script. RGV simply played with the cameras to pass the time. Real story starts only after the interval. There is a masked serial killer who kills everyone that he comes across.
Instead of wasting time on cheap thrills, RGV should have focused on establishing the characters in the first half. So audience would have sympathized with the characters when they are dying one after the other. The horror element is completely missing and it is surprising to see RGV failing in frightening the audience. 
Creating horror is RGV’s forte and he has done that successfully in that forgettable Ice Cream too. He failed as a director in every aspect of Ice Cream 2. On a side note, RGV’s hands made debut with this film as we could see his hands in front of the camera in one particular scene. Let’s wish that we would see RGV soon on screen too.
Ice Cream 2 second half is better when compared to the silly first half. On a whole Ice Cream 2 is a better film than Ice Cream too. That doesn’t mean this is one of the better products from RGV. It is absolutely boring and pointless and we are forced to search for entertainment amongst the serial murders. You may skip it. 
Verdict: Cheap Thrills!