Ice Cream 2 Releasing – Ice Cream 4 Shooting


Till date we have never seen such many sequels to a successful flick even. But eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is one man who makes the impossible and unthinkable happen just like that. His ‘Ice Cream’ acts are now widely discussed in Film Nagar.

Call it fly-cam effect or hot thigh show of heroine Tejaswini, RGV’s ‘Ice Cream’ got imminent attention from all quarters. Cashing on this craze, he has now come up with ‘Ice Cream 2’. This time, newcomer Mrudula Bhasakar (rechristened as Naveena by RGV) is going to fill the glamour slot. Already the movie’s audio was unveiled and film will hit screens next month.

But big surprise is that post-production work of ‘Ice Cream 3’, the third sequel is underway while the makers are planning for regular shooting of ‘Ice Cream 4 very soon. That’s shocking!! When each flick is being made at 4-5 lakhs budget, then it clocks around 2 crores in theatres, who will stop producing such crazy and creamy sequels? Though this isn’t an exhibition of sheer film making abilities, surely Ice Cream demonstrates the ‘strength’ of marketing.