Ice Cream 2 terminated in TWO days!


Ram Gopal Varma’s latest offering Ice Cream 2 failed to get decent collections on its first two days that the distributors and exhibitors decided to terminate the movie immediately. They didn’t even wait to see if the movie could get any audience on Sunday.

Ice Cream 2 has been terminated with immediate effect and has been replaced by films like Karthikeya and Pooja. Despite making prior agreements for running it at least for a week exhibitors and distributors decided to remove it in two days as the film hardly could get any audience.

Ice Cream was so horrible that audience didn’t even dare to give Ice Cream 2 a try. Three figured collections in many theaters proved that the film is a colossal disaster and running it for an entire week could be suicidal. Ram Gopal Varma has already announced Ice Cream 3, 4 and 5. Will he dare to make third part after this humiliation? Well, RGV is capable of doing anything!