Ice Cream Movie Review – 1/5


Movie : Ice Cream

Rating : 1/5


Cast: Tejaswi , Navdeep and others

Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma

Produced by : T. Rama Satyanarayan

Banner :Bhimavaram Talkies

Music by : Pradyodhan

Release Date : 2014-07-12

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Ice Cream Movie Review

Ram Gopal Varma’s never ending attack on the senses of audience continued with his latest film Ice Cream. This was publicized as a horror film that will thrill the audience to the core. However it ends up as a horrible that will kill the audience for sure.

What is it about?

Renu (Tejaswi) is left alone in her home which is haunted by many ghosts. This film is about how Renu spends a day in that haunted house. Her boyfriend Vishal (Navdeep) keeps visiting her whenever she is in trouble.


Navdeep: Navdeep has a very limited role. He is good in his brief role. His performance in the climax is impressive.

 Tejaswi who used to play sister roles in the past got promoted to play the female lead in this one. She did okay job as an actress. Her liberal skin show is the only saving grace for audience who pay a visit to the theaters.


Ram Gopal Varma outclassed himself in many ways. Ice Cream will be remembered as one of his worst ever. There is absolutely no script in the movie and his fantasy for new technology and cameras will torture the viewers for two hours. Ram Gopal Varma simply didn’t care about having any script. He has hired one big house and a couple of actors and played with the cameras. Let’s hope that this will be his worst film of the season as there are a couple more movies in the waiting list.

Camera technique used for this film is horrible and we bet that it wouldn’t be used by anyone in the future. Sound and Edit are equally horrible making it a painful watch. Producer may make money as it is made on a shoe string budget.

Thumbs Up:


Thumbs Down:



Ice Cream starts off decently with some thrills thrown right at the start of the movie. One would expect a thrilling ride after the introduction of ghost in the first reel itself. However those ghosts have no role to play in the movie until the last scene. All we get to see is the flow cam ambling across the huge house for two hours with this skimpily clothed leading lady screaming and dreaming all the time.

The ending is atrocious as Ram Gopal Varma tried to sell it off as a real story. Varma could have simply remade Bhooth or Rathri instead of banking on this horrible script. Flow camera will only make the life very tough for editors than adding any value to the film. This film could have been wrapped up within 90 minutes if not for flow cam technology.

Don’t expect Varma to give some thrills by the look and feel of this horror film. It will only put you through endless torture and make you run for life. Stay far far away from the theaters of Ice Cream.

Verdict: This Ice Cream is injurious to health!